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Red Arrow Flight Academy was started in 2013 trying to answer a basic problem in aviation training; How can we keep the cost of obtaining a pilot license down, while at the same time not sacrificing safety and proficiency of the pilot? This meant questioning everything about the training process and engineering solutions that look for efficiency in every task. Everything was analyzed, from the location of the school to the type of program and airplane that was going to be used. The result is a well-structured program that addresses every area of opportunity in the training process, while still ensuring the safest learning environment possible.

Ingrained in our company DNA is this commitment to continually question and improve everything we do. Ensuring that each person that trains with us achieves their Aviation goals!


See our students succeed and become safe proficient pilots.


Lead the development of cohesive and informed professional and recreational pilots.


We believe safe, responsible and honest training are the keys to success.

Part 141 Certified Flight School

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