Our Team

Tomas Peralta

Bio: An El Paso native that has always had a love for aviation. He started flying in 2001 while he was in college. He earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from ITESM and later went on to Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a M.S. in Industrial Engineering and a MBA. Tomas returned to the El Paso area and continued to be involved in aviation. He has owned several aircraft and is a founding member of Red Arrow Flight academy.

Certificates & Ratings:
FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Commercial ASEL, AMEL

Elsa Peralta

Bio: Her professional experience has been mainly focused in the automotive industry where she has worked in quality control, project management, logistics and general administration. An interesting assignment of hers included working at Daimler AG (parent company of Mercedes Benz) where she helped oversee the integration of the supply chain system from the merger of Daimler AG with Chrysler. After returning from Germany, she enhanced her career by co-founding and becoming CEO of ETP Transportes, a logistics transportation firm based in Cd. Juarez, MX.

Elsa has always had a passion for aviation. She currently holds a PPL ASEL and is looking forward to getting her instrument rating. She has a bachelor’s in industrial engineering from ITESM, a master’s in international business from Pepperdine University and a Master’s in Business Administration from EGADE.

Mauricio Lopez

Bio: Born and raised in El Paso, TX. Currently 28 years old and has held several different jobs before coming to work at Red Arrow. He has been an employee at Red Arrow almost since it was started, and I look forward to watching the company grow and meeting new people with interesting backgrounds. I have a Labrador dog named Yadi who is a handful at home. Hobbies include going to the gym, playing basketball, watching baseball.

Laura Ditlevson

Bio: Laura was born and raised in El Paso. As a junior in high school, her love for aviation surfaced and she began working at Red Arrow part time. Soon afterwards, the local EAA chapter announced that she was one of the recipients for a scholarship to learn how to fly. She is currently pursuing her initial private pilot license and plans to continue through all of the programs. Once a certified flight instructor, (CFI) Laura plans to work full time at Red Arrow and share her love for flying with others.

Greg Payne

Flight Instructor

Bio: Coming Soon!!

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